‘Beware Of Expired Foods’ – Dr. Abebrese Warns


Dr. Jacob Abebrese of the Brong Ahafo Regional hospital has cautioned Ghanaians to desist from patronizing expired foods.

Many people go to the market and are apparently careless about expired food because they are mostly cheap and most affordable.

Also most of the populace are illiterates and can hardly notice or know as to whether what they are consuming or patronizing has expired.

This usually puts them in at risk as they end up consuming expired foods thereby putting their health at risk.

What do the scientists say about expired foods?

“Food as we eat gives us nutrients for our growth and at the same time can poison us depending on what it contains and whether it is wholesome or contains toxins”.

According to Dr. Abebrese, taking in expired foods is poisonous and hazardous to the human body.

He said most manufacturers use preservatives and chemicals in preserving their food and most of these chemicals has the propensity to go bad and poisonous if they are expired.

He added that most chemicals used to preserve these foods have a life cycle of a year or two and so when the food expires it makes it harmful to the body.

Dr. advised and cautioned the general public to always check the expiry date on food before they patronize and never to consume any expired food for a healthy living.