‘Do Not Increase Transport Fares’; Transport Operators Cautioned


The Ghana Road Transport Coordinating Council (GRTCC) will be waiting till the end of March 2017 and possible developments regarding the passage of the Appropriation Bill before determining a review of transport fares. The Council has also said sections of the 2017 budget will have a direct impact on the review of transport fares.

The General Secretary for the GRTCC Andrews Kwakye  reveals that the Council had been meeting with the Ministry of Transport which wants the GRTCC to wait on the passage of the Appropriation Bill before any decision on fares is taken.


“All that transpired in the meeting was that, there is a lot in store for transport operators in the 2017 budget and they are pleading with us saying that at the end of the Appropriation law being passed by Parliament, we will see clearly what is in there for transport operators,” he said.

The Akufo-Addo government’s maiden budget indicated the abolishment of all import duties on spare parts, a decision which may lead to a reduction in the cost of spare parts, a key factor in the pricing formula for transport fares. Mr. Kwakye noted that “it is with very good reason we hold on until this Bill is passed then we take it from there.

That is why we understand that we need to wait for, at least, the end of the month.” GPRTU warns against unapproved fares In the meantime, the Ghana Private Road and Transport Union (GPRTU) has directed its members not to increase transport fares. This order followed reports of a 15% increase in transport fares in some parts of Accra.

The GPRTU, however, said it had not sanctioned any increment and that any drivers who increased fares did so on their own accord.