JONCIL School celebrates pre-Easter vacation day in grand style


All around the world,  in almost every country the resurrection of the Messiah is commemorated in varied manners.

This April, 2017 was packed with diversified festivities for all and sundry; young, old, Christian, non-Christian, you name it.

And just as it is said that ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’; and so just at the verge of the Easter break when another academic term was on the verge of closing all schools geared up to celebrate the end of the toil in the course of the academic term; talk of waking up early every morning, sitting up from morning till evening to take delivery of what teachers have to offer young learners, and so on.

Teachers and their learners deserved to shake off their fatigue with some fun and recreational exploits as we all enter into the Easter holidays; and since all schools were preparing to vacate and celebrate the season Ghana Hot News stumbled on very gorgeous young learners from Joncil School – a novel school located at Atasemanso in Kumasi – Ashanti Region.

The management of the school thought it wise to stand out among the rest to mark the end of the second term which coincides with the Easter celebrations by stepping out of their school compound to spice up the usual vacation day in their classrooms; by opening doors of opportunities for their little ones to have a rare exposure to socialize with other young learners from different schools, and so the teachers and the management f the school planned an outdoor fiesta for the entire student body under their care with their parents at the Rattray Park Kumasi City.

The event was well organised by the School’s management, and GHN took advantage of the occasion to interact with a section of the parents present; they were very happy and wished all other schools could emulate this for the joy of their young ones who are their hope for the future.