Kumasi Sits On Time Bomb – Lunatics Everywhere


Residents of Kumasi, the capital city of Ashanti region have expressed intense fear the city is sitting on a time bomb because it is full of lunatics. This was revealed when an interview was conducted by Ghana Hot News (GHN) in various parts of the city. Moving around areas like Suame, Adum, Kejetia, Abuakwa, Abrepo-Junction, Bantama, Sofoline, Suntreso and many more, saw the number of insane people in the Garden City keep on increasing day in, day out and this puts fear and panic in many people as they go about their daily activities. They explained that every street in the city has about two or more lunatics who sometimes attack unsuspecting individuals and snatch items from them. Residents believe this ought not to happen if only the city authorities were concerned about the people who through their daily struggles contribute immensely to the country’s economy. The residents interviewed, again narrated they are unable to go to their workplaces at dawn and also to go back home late all because they could be attacked by these insane individuals in the society. They also believe that the streets are full of filth partly because of the activities of these unprotected mad people. This is because they move from one area to another carrying along all sorts of refuse which also presents health hazards that need to be given serious attention. “They make the city smell so bad and their moving about in these busy places does not speak well about the Garden City”. A worried trader remarked. Some of the residents who spoke passionately on the  issue also added that most at times these mad people in the markets get their foodstuffs picked and scattered and it is so difficult to get them back because if they dared, they could be harmed.  Sometimes, they simply have to let go because of the fear that they might be contaminated. They appeal to the city authorities headed by Hon Kojo Bonsu to do something about it by removing all insane people from the streets of Kumasi to make them move freely and safely on daily bases. Residents said it is about time the leaders of the country learned from developed countries how they map up strategies to handle issues like this and again, wanted the taxes being collected by the city authority to be put to good use in order to benefit all.

Story By: Odame Asare Samuel


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