‘Men Of God Now Money Makers Instead Of Soul Winners’ – Head Pastor, C.A.C.


Christians across the world are increasing in population thereby culminations in the springing up of all manner of churches and so many so-called men of God are using the name of God to make wealth instead of winning souls and propagating His word as is the essence of Christianity.

The area head pastor of the Bantama Area of the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) – Rev. Sammy, has lamented that so many men-of-God now see Christianity as a money making venture and their entitlement as men-of-God to be high and mighty in the society and swim in riches and comfort.

The reverend minister lamented that most men-of-God now compete in the opening up of Churches not because they want to propagate the doctrines of Christ but rather as a means of making money.

Extortion of money has now become the order of the day in our Churches and if you are vulnerable in the society and not capable of parting with money then you must as well forget about seeking spiritual help from some of these churches and men of God.

According to Rev. Sammy some of these pastors sometimes go to the extent of seeking spiritual help from traditionalists and occultists thereby jeopardizing their vocation  especially when it backfires and they are being challenged by these sources. He continued that it is always heart-breaking when he sees or hears these men of God being ridiculed and challenged openly by these fetish priests when ordinarily it should have been the other way round.

He further added in his exclusive interview with Ghana Hot News that, as Christians we should endeavor to peruse the Bible and read it daily so that we are guided by what the Bible says and this can also help us determine a true man of God and a worldly or bad man of God. He added that another trend which is worrisome is the turning of the house of God to a market by some of these pastors whereby all manner of costly items are sold for the so called deliverance purposes, this he said the wrath of God awaits them.

In conclusion, Rev Samuel said any pastor who doesn’t preach about salvation but only concentrate on the miracles and selling of items then that person can not be a true man of God.

He added that as a man of God u must be prepared to serve and learn from others or perhaps be mentored fully before u are called and that those who don’t pass through this and just spring up from no where and claim to be men of God then they must be watched.