Policemen Kills Fulani Herdsmen Cattle In Asante Akim Agogo – Lawyer Andy Appiah Kubi.


The Member of Parliament (MP) for Asante Akim North constituency and a Lawyer for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Lawyer Andy Appiah Kubi, has launched “Operation Protect Our Farmers, Our Farms and Our Farmlands” that has led policemen to kill the Fulani herdsmen’s cattle in the area and two herdsmen are been kept in the custody as promised in his campaign message.

According to Lawyer Andy in an interview today (24th January), he lamented that, Fulani herdsmen have been distracting them with custom writing service custom writing service their cattle so many years ago that has vanished about 38 indigenous peoples of Agogo untimely and many raped cases too have been recorded.

He continued that, they are not stopping this operation until the Fulani herdsmen with their cattle are out of their lands. They are fighting assiduously for their lives and properties. They are also hoping to get three industries in their constituency from President’s one district one factory promise but if Fulani herdsmen continue to stay with them they don’t think to achieve their aspirations.

Again, they produces a lot from the constituency but due to Fulani herdsmen and their interferences, they always work on their farms with fear and panic.

He stated that, the Fulani herdsmen and their cattle are in this country without any permit which is illegal and they are also not abiding by the laws of the land and so they are going to exert strenuously to compel them to leave Asante Akim Agogo as started.