Residents of Bomaa says they will not vote in 2016



Residents of Bomaa in the Brong Ahafo Region in the Tano north district are crying over their deplorable nature of their road network and poor sanitation of the area.
According to them they do not have any good dumping site in the area and only place they dump refuse is so full that they even dump along the only river which gives them water to drink and because of this, diseases has now become part of them.
They said their only source of water is ‘BONKOFI’ and since it is also closer to the dumping site, they fall sick and go to the only clinic in town because it is also the only clinic in the area and health workers are also not enough, some die without the health workers attending to them.
Again the residents says because of poor nature of the area they have all decided not to vote come Nov.7th elections since they do not get any benefits after they have voted for some people.
Speaking in an interview, the assembly woman of the area Madam Victoria Akua Dwomoh said, she is in full support of her people and that they will not vote for any Member of Parliament or presidential candidate. She said, their biggest challenge is their road network because when it rains very difficult for them to travel or even for any car to leave the town.
She again said if government and his people do not come to their aid, then they should forget about them voting because what annoys them is that, the whole of Bomaa have only one kvip and it’s been there for ages so what they do is to get to the refuse dump and ease themselves with their men.
So they call on the government to come to their aid as soon as possible to help save the situation since they are all not in good health.


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