Shocking: E.I.B. Network radio-broadcaster attempts suicide?


This came as a shock since, usually there is absolutely no boredom each and every Saturday morning with Nana Banyin and his very talented panel of entertainers on Ultimate 106.9FM from 7 to 9a.m.

But, the show took a different direction on Saturday, March 25, 2017 at their Danyame studios when Nana Banyin (host of ‘Saturday Morning Grove’- a potential award-winning weekend morning entertainment show in the country) had to place a phone call to the first deputy assistant at the counseling unit of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi ( Mrs. De-graft Johnson; an accomplished counselor) to save one of his usual panelists popularly known as ‘Karter’-a renowned radio broadcaster at Abusua 96.5 FM in Kumasi (a sister-radio station of Ultimate FM) who on the same morning was attempting to end his own life by way of suicide.

Their female counterpart who happens to be a Nigerian known in the media circles as ‘Omo Naija’ got to the scene but could not do much; that is how Nana Banyin came into the picture by way of a telephone call to ‘Karter’ who now got connected to Mrs. Johnson the counselor.

To their surprise, he (Karter) introduced himself to Mrs. Johnson as ‘Karim’.
Well, now, Mrs. Johnson did what she does best to save the life of ‘Karter’ now ‘Karim’.

After a long moment of worrying and touching dialogue amid shedding of tears, Mrs. Johnson who, according to her was out of town attempted to finish her life-saving counseling session by seeking the assistance of another expert who happens to be in Kumasi at that moment when Nana Banyin cut into their conversation to alert Mrs. Johnson that this was one their numerous humorous pranks they put on their shows every Saturday morning with the help of collaborators and his skilled panelists as they make listeners do away with their stress and worries after a busy week.

This time, it was the husband of Mrs. Johnson who hinted the production team about his wife’s birthday; and wished they could put a big smile on her (his wife’s) face.

It was a successful birthday prank after all.