‘The New GHc5 Note Did Not Meet Our Standard’ – Blinds Union of Ghana


Visually impaired persons (the blind ) in Ghana have raised a red flag regarding their difficulty in identifying the newly introduced five Ghana cedis note (GHc5).

According to Mr. Allins Hodor, President of the Ghana Blind Workers Union on Sikka FM today, Wednesday, 15th March, 2017, claimed that the new note EssayGlobal service EssayGlobal service stormtrooper-essay.com does not have some special features that can help the blind to easily identify the said note and also according to them the note is very small in size which may conflict with the GHc1 note to the blinds.

Mr. Hodor said, the Bank of Ghana has been discriminatory to the blinds otherwise they should have considered them to seek https://essaysbuy.net/essay-writing-service their concerns on how the note should look before introducing it into the general public.

“Electoral Commission of Ghana always make sure that the blinds are consulted before they do anything for the general public which the best way to go as one people and not to expel others”, he indicated.

He noted that, a similar issue happened when the new currency was initiated in Ghana in 2007 involving the GHc10, GHc20 and GHc50 notes which they found it very cumbersome to identify without the help of others especially when the notes are debilitated.