“Together, Let’s Combat Illegal Mining Activities” – Ashanti Regional Lands Commisioner


One major problem which is bedeviling our country Ghana; a prime contributory factor to the progress of the nation is the activities of illegal miners.

Their activities in the country is currently causing havoc in the nation in terms of polluting our water bodies, destruction of farm land and causing environmental pollution.

The Ashanti Regional Lands Commission Officer, Nana Kwampong Aboah (II) has spelt out the dangers emanating from the activities of illegal miners going on in the country which according to him is unacceptable and a threat to the sustainability of the nation if we don’t team up and fight the activities of the galamsey operators; as they are popularly referred to.

According to him, there are middle-men who in actual fact are influential persons in society who hide behind the scenes and back these illegal miners to engage in what they are doing and mostly shield or come to their aid when the law catches up with them.

He continued that we should not sit aloof and allow our nation’s natural resources to be destroyed the way it is done today by some shallow thinking citizens.

Nana Kwampong Aboah (II) speaking in an interview with Ghana Hot News, he advised that if you are a Chief and you have gold on your land, by law it doesn’t belong to your locality alone but rather for the entire nation and generations yet unborn.

He said the law does not permit chiefs by virtue of their position to issue lands to illegal miners at their respective places without adherence to the laws of the land.
Before you engage legally to mine you must apply to the Minerals Commission for a license or permit and also small scale miners are often required by the law to come together to form a forum before they can be licensed and guided appropriately so they adhere to the rules to ensure a healthy environment and also pay taxes to the state.

He concluded that, as a nation we must come together and launch a crusade against the illegal mining activities while we support the legal ones to generate revenue for the state.

He lamented that with the statistics available now there is the likelihood that 20-30% percent of the land would be taken by the illegal soon and if it gets to that then “we would be doomed” as a nation.

All hands he appealed must be on deck and every available platform we get must be used to speak against illegal mining so as to safeguard the land for the future.