‘VGMA is no more relevant’ – Kwaw Kesse


CEO of Mad-Time Entertainment – Kwaw Kesse (a.k.a.; Abodam) has once again punched organizers of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) for compromising the entire system of awards, GhanaHotNews has gathered.

He reiterated his submission made in a brief interview on the red carpet during the just ended VGMA at Accra when he was seen pushing a wheelbarrow loaded with awards with the inscription; ‘AWARDS FOR SALE’ to register his displeasure about issues surrounding awards given to musicians in Ghana following allegations that certain persons mostly musicians allegedly lobby and pay monies to be awarded. Hence, he demonstrated how disappointing it is with the little gesture of selling awards loaded in a wheel barrow as done in our local markets.

On Friday, April 14, 2017 during the ‘Good Friday’ edition of GH-One’s ‘GH-Today morning show ‘, the ‘Yakubu’ hit-maker again explained that it is very questionable why Shatta Wale won the artiste of the year award in the same year when he (Shatta Wale) bashed Charter House.

And again, it appears quite problematic when after Ghanaian gospel artistes expressed their fuming discomfort why they (gospel artistes) have been neglected all these years and have not been considered for the VGMA; one of them (gospel artistes) got nominated and subsequently won the artiste of the year award.

However, he added that, he is not in doubt that the above-mentioned artistes did not merit their awards but he (Abodam) is just worried about the ambiguity surrounding the whole awards scheme; and why should an artiste like Shatta Wale be refused nomination just because he (Shatta) has a ‘grudge’ with charter house.

He threw a challenge to the VGMA scheme managers to do better and change their style of operation, but until then the credibility of their business is questionable.