Yenyawaso residents mad at KMA authorities


Residents of Yenyawoso a suburb of Kumasi in the Ashanti Region are in great fear of losing their lives over what they call total neglect of their sanitation issues. According to them, they have two refuse dumps at one area which they have named NDC and NPP, they say the NPP refuse dump has been there for over eight years now and have complained to the current Assemblyman of the area, but he said he is an NDC member so when the NPP comes to power then they will move their refuse from the area since it did not come in his reign.

This situation have made the people in the area very angry, they said they can’t sleep at night because of the refuse dump. There are lots of mosquitoes in the area and not that alone, there is also somebody who prepares medicine that kills rats and other insects and because of the hard chemicals he uses they can’t even eat in their various homes because of the pollution.

According to them, numerous complaints to the KMA have not yielded any positive results. They said the refuse in the container can be there for about three weeks getting to a month before they come for it. Again the shed which they are to keep refuse container has also become a room and a resting place for some people and the refuse are left open in the middle of the area which is brooding a lot of flies. The residents are therefore pleading with the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly [KMA] to come to their aid before the worse happens to them.


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